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As a full-service web design agency, we provide professional website and web page design services that fit your specific needs. When it comes to website designing, we specialize in various aspects of web design such as graphics, attractiveness and accountability. We follow all set website design best practices to help you stand out among your competitors and achieve all your business goals and aspirations.


Digital EXA provides you with custom web designing and programming services that go from small startups to respected professionals, scalable web-based net applications, social network services as well as an eCommerce business. You can check our portfolio which ranges from MIS to ERP, eCommerce and CMS portals.

With us, you can be sure of affordable, effective and attractive web design services that will suit your business needs. We have an experienced and excellent team that can take care of all your business needs.

Custom Web Design

Logo Design

Our logo design service is beneficial because we not only believe in delivering communication logos to our client's business or company, but we also distribute such logos in the proposed time so that not a single second of our client is lost. In short, we can assure you the best logo designing service in a time bound manner at an affordable price.


Responsive websites look better and work better on all types of devices as they automatically adjust to their dimensions. As a trusted web design agency, we can incorporate responsive design, whether you want a new website or want to update your existing one.



We are the best website design company in Ernakulam and we are aware of the fact that small businesses and startups have budget constraints. This is why we specialize in offering them affordable web design and web development services. Affordable does not mean that we will cut corners. These websites will have all the basic tools and functionality needed for small companies and startups to start their online businesses quickly.


You should always make sure that your website is up-to-date, which means that from time to time you will have to redesign it. We can help you with this and everything that comes with it, including testing and more, so let's help you and your business.



The eCommerce web site design greatly facilitates the entire on-line trading method and allows the user to conduct on-line business in a highly systematic manner. Today, eCommerce design relates to accumulating large scale business income in a very problem-free and easy way. In addition, an eCommerce Internet Development Service supplier uses a wide variety of complex tools such as CSS, HTML, Photoshop, Flash, etc., therefore giving the online entity a form.

Our Testimonials

Time and time again this company always delivers on time and with support throughout the process. I will use them for all my projects. I recommend them for people wanting high quality work.

Sachin Avasthi

New Delhi, India

I was looking for a Web design & development services provider in India and after a long time at last I found Digital EXA. I must say that they are very serious at their work. More over that I can say that I love their creative production.

Divya Avasthi

Gurgaon, India

Digital Exa helped me to automate my whole backend system. Now my system is well organized and I can manage my work from anywhere.. Guys at Digital Exa are very dedicated towards their commitment and deliver projects on time.

Kaustub Talekar

Ahmedabad, India

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